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Five Benefits and Uses of CBD Oil

CBD Oil is gaining popular as a way to take advantage of the healing properties of cannabis without many of the other side effects.

Michael J. Fox’s Incredible Relationship with Parkinson’s Disease

At 57, Michael J. Fox deals everyday with Parkinson's Disease. Since his diagnosis in 1991, the disease has become a part of him and a big part of his life.

Why You Should Play Flag Football

Playing flag football can provide many physical and mental health benefits that just about anyone can do in a safer way than full-contact football.

Great Weight Loss Routines for Couples

Do you want to get in shape and see results from your weight loss attempts? In a relationship, the easiest way to do this is working out with your partner!

How to Keep the Dreaded Holiday Gain Away

How do we keep the weight down during the holiday season when we’re surrounded by delicious meats, sweets, and alcohol? Read on to find out.

Sometimes a Step Back Is the Only Way Forward

The word ‘backward’ is often associated with negativity. When managing a mental health illness, we need to reduce as much negativity from our lives...

How to Get Off Methadone Slowly and Safely

Much like any powerful medicine, methadone can be extremely difficult to quit, but there are some ways to help mitigate methadone addiction.

Mental Health and Money: A Dangerous Conundrum

Spending money. Retail therapy. Debt. Mania. Bipolar. A selection of words that for many go together. The idea of retail therapy is nothing new. When...

Get Away From it All

Sometimes we can feel pressured and that affects our mental health. It can be a good idea to just get Away from it all. So what does that really mean?

Never Ignore Someone Considering Suicide

Suicide: Never ignore the words, "I cannot go on," because the one time you do might be the time when you put someone's life at risk.