LONDON, ENGLAND - MAY 03: Caryn Mandabach, Paul Anderson, Helen McCrory, Steven Knight and Cillian Murphy attend the Premiere of BBC Two's drama "Peaky Blinders" episode one, series three at BFI Southbank on May 3, 2016 in London, England. (Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images)

Peaky Blinders: Season 6, Episode 3 Review

The final series of Peaky Blinders is gathering pace and building up to an enthralling finale in the coming weeks. Before we get to Peaky Blinders: season 6 episode 3 – let’s recap last week’s episode.


In last week’s LWOS Life review of episode 2, we looked at how Tommy was looking to take down the fascists by befriending them. We saw the return of the fascinating London gangster Alfie Solomans. We also met Oswald Mosley’s latest partner Lady Diana Mitford – who seems set to become an integral part of the remainder of this final Peaky Blinders season.

Tommy and his determination to defeat everyone – seems to be taking its toll when he suffered fits accompanied with visions from his WW1 days. Seemingly his daughter Ruby appeared to be on the mend before she deteriorated rapidly towards the end of episode 2. The rapid decline in Ruby’s health sent Lizzie into a panic – and sent Tommy on a mission to find Esme Shelby Lee


Episode 3 shows the deterioration of Ruby. Tommy and Lizzie rush to the hospital, where they finally receive a diagnosis for Ruby’s illness – Tommy doesn’t accept the diagnosis and quickly leaves his gravely ill daughter and grief-stricken wife to continue his search for Esme.

Tommy’s plans to find Esme but needs Ada to meet Oswald Mosley and Jack Nelson – and keep them happy. Ada comes face-to-face with Lady Diana Mitford – and in true Shelby spirit – stands her ground, putting Lady Diana Mitford in her place. Ada brilliantly commands the world’s worst dinner party group and stays on top throughout, making sure they all know that the Shelby’s are in charge. Jack Nelson seems intrigued by Ada and seems more interested in her than Mosley and Lady Diana Mitford.

While Ada hosts Jack Nelson and the rest of the Motley crew – Tommy finally tracks down his sister-in-law and widow of his brother John. He locates her living in a quarry – but realizes she does not know anything about the supposed curse on his daughter Ruby.

Back in the fascist cesspit, Ada brilliantly controls the room leading to her inviting them all to a meeting at Tommy’s mansion where they will meet fellow minds from Ireland. Hearing of this meeting leaves an impression we are on the verge of a classic Peaky Blinders showdown. What does Tommy have in store for Mosley and the rest of the cronies? 

Arthur Shelby has continued to fight his addiction demons – off-screen, but episode 3 saw Arthur return to a prominent role thanks to his sister Ada. She decides it’s time for Arthur to start helping the company. His return to work begins at Liverpool docks, where workers led by Hayden Stagg are stealing Shelby opium.

As Arthur and a few Peaky Blinders foot soldiers arrive at the docks – we are finally introduced to Hayden Stagg – played by the brilliant Stephen Graham. Seemingly on the verge of a classic Peaky Blinders beating – Stagg masterfully turns the tables when he tells Arthur about his own addiction story, and he knows all about his struggles. Stagg and his tales of addiction and struggle make Arthur crumble in the face of his demons. Isiah steps forward and punches Stagg before the Peaky Blinders leave on the command of Arthur. Is there any way back for Arthur?

As Tommy and Esme end up in a gypsy graveyard – Esme reminds him of a cursed sapphire necklace stolen from Russian aristocrats – which led to Tommy palming it off to a gypsy who gave it to her child – who subsequently died. After hearing this story, Tommy becomes determined to find this woman and do whatever it takes to get the curse lifted for his daughter Ruby. Esme agrees to help him – as long as she gets her gold.

As Tommy becomes convinced by Esme’s story that the grief-stricken mother of this child has cursed his daughter – he races back to see his daughter. When he returns – he is met by a screaming Lizzie – who demands to know where he was. Is Tommy too late? Can Ruby be saved?

Final Impressions:

Episode 3 certainly packed a punch – especially with that ending – wow. Can Arthur beat his demons? Will Tommy defeat Mosley and Nelson? Tommy will need his family more than ever as this season hurtles towards the inevitable classic Peaky Blinders showdown. Director Steven Knight has set the stage brilliantly thus far – but episode 3 has bought this series to a new level. These next three upcoming episodes – cannot be missed.

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