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Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 4: Hit and Run

Last week’s Episode

Last week’s episode was arguably one of the most memorable in any of the five previous seasons of Better Call Saul. We saw the downfall of the much-loved character, Nacho. We also saw Jimmy and Kim’s planned take-down of Howard Hamlin take a step forward – with the cloning of his Namaste car keys. It’s now time for the LWOS Life review of Better Call Saul, season 6 episode 4: Hit and Run

Kim and Jimmy vs Howard 

Kim and Jimmy’s plan to take down Howard Hamlin has cranked up another notch this week. On the back of deploying Huell to help copy the keys of Howards Namaste Jaguar, the next part of their plan is revealed in Hit and Run. 

The whole key copying story arc was brilliantly entertaining and again highlights what a unique director Vince Gilligan is in exploring this story arc in great detail despite it only being a small part of a much larger plot. The planned take-down of Howard this week centers around him being in therapy with Jimmy acting out his best Howard impression with the suit and hair to match and copied keys in hand. 

The next part of the episode is intriguing as Breaking Bad fans will remember Jesse Pinkman’s meth addict prostitute friend, Wendy. She is heavily involved in this part of the planned take-down. Despite Wendy’s addiction to meth, this scene makes Howard seem like he has another kind of addiction. Jimmy and Kim make sure Clifford Main sees the namaste car and Wendy together. As this incident plays out, it is clear Kim is delighted with the outcome.

Lalo Salamanca and House Number 1213

Lalo has been presumed dead by all involved in the professions of law and enforcement and by those in the criminal world. During Hit and Run, we get a glimpse of the paranoia experienced by Gus Fring. We get to see his surveillance operation and some secret tunnels – leading between two houses in case of needing to escape. 

The increased paranoia of Gus centers around his belief (he’s right) that Lalo Salamanca is alive and vengeful. Despite his physical absence in this episode, Lalo’s impending reappearance promises to be memorable.

The future for Kim and Jimmy

The future for Kim and Jimmy seems uncertain at this time. They are focused on the plan to tear down Howard Hamlin. Despite their shared goal, they are both being pulled in different directions. Jimmy’s transition into Saul Goodman progresses during this episode as various criminals become aware of his ties to Lalo and also wish to employ him for his services. Despite Kim being at the forefront of the Howard tear-down, we get another glimpse of how much she wants to make a positive difference as a lawyer. During her staged lunch with Clifford Main, we get an insight into Kim’s desire to help the less fortunate. 

They might both have a shared goal in dethroning Howard Hamlin but their end goals are seemingly vastly different. Kim ultimately wants to make a positive impact, but Jimmy’s desire for power seems to be pulling him towards the criminal path. Is Jimmy’s association with the cartel putting Kim in danger? If they succeed in their take-down of Howard, what comes next? Do they love each other? [wpdiscuz-feedback id=”gb7zpv7l81″ question=”What does the future hold for Kim and Jimmy?” opened=”0″]Or is it a relationship based on convenience?[/wpdiscuz-feedback]


The scene between Mike and Kim is fascinating – showing Kim’s vulnerability and how worried she is about Jimmy’s association with Lalo. The opening bike ride scene in Hit and Run is vintage Vince Gilligan and highlights his attention to detail and that order and chaos are constantly intertwined. Will the DAs suspicions regarding Saul’s association with Lalo come to fruition? Who moved the cones? Better Call Saul: episode 4 Hit and Run, crosses over teasingly with Breaking Bad with the appearance of Wendy and Sauls’s new office space. With these references, are we getting closer to seeing Walter White and Jesse Pinkman?

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