sports cards in Hollywood

Sports Cards in Hollywood: Cards on the Big Screen

Hollywood is known to embellish or ignore certain facts, laws of physics, or simply make things up to suit their own needs and the story as they see fit. Sports Cards in Hollywood, collecting, and sports memorabilia are no exception.
Ancient DNA

Ancient DNA Rewriting History as We Know It

The remains of a six week old infant found in modern-day Alaska has been tested for DNA. The results are astounding and add to what we know of human migration to the Americas. In this story, LWOS Life explores how ancient DNA shapes the modern world and what it tells us about our ancient past.
sporting autobiographies

Four Greatest Sporting Autobiographies Ever Written

Few literature genres divide opinion quite like sporting autobiographies. I believe that well-written sporting autobiographies can inspire people to do great things, and they often detail areas of sport that spectators seldom see, such as negotiations between agents and arranging transfers between teams.
Coming of Age Novel

The Only Way to Grow Is Up: The Coming of Age Novel in the...

Whilst the general pattern of the coming of age novel has remained regular (protagonist, on the brink of adulthood must overcome social and personal obstacles, in doing so shedding the skin of their childhood self), the context in which they are written has undergone significant change in the last 100 years
collect sports memorabilia

Why do I Collect Sports Memorabilia? A Memoir

So where does one start after being away for so long? The card companies certainly didn’t stop production while I was gone; here is why I collect sports memorabilia.
Music Albums

Five Music Albums You Must Listen To Before You Turn 22

New Year’s resolutions can be pretty fun, and in my own personal quest for intellectual and spiritual fulfilment (if such a thing even exists), I think I have found the answer: discovering new music albums.
Museum Information Technology

Museum Information Technology and the Future of Our Past

Historically, the delivery of historic interpretation was often viewed as dry and boring. LWOS looks at how heritage professionals use Museum Information Technology to make heritage interpretation engaging and fun, and how it brings the past into the future.
Mariner Brewing

B.C. Beer Reviews with Nic Hendrickson: Mariner Brewing – Northeast IPA

B.C. Beer Reviews is back again to take a look at a first-time entry. Mariner Brewing is a relatively new face to the B.C....
Brassneck Brewery

B.C. Beer Reviews with Nic Hendrickson: Brassneck Brewery – Spirit of DIXmas

B.C. Beer Reviews is back on Boxing Day to bring you a new take on a Holiday beer. Where you would normally get a...
Ravens Brewing

B.C. Beer Reviews with Nic Hendrickson: Ravens Brewing – Funtimes Saftig Frucht

B.C. Beer Reviews is back to take a look at another collaboration beer. This is the Funtimes Saftig Frucht from Doan's Craft Brewing of...