A Hat in Time has gotten nowhere near the amount of attention it deserves. Let's take a proper look at that, and why you should be excited for it.
Is Quantic Dream toxic? Some former workers seem to think so. While two betas released over the weekend. DISSIDIA: Final Fantasy NT and Dragon Ball Z FighterZ, which one was better? Plus, Sean talks Super Meat Boy on Switch too.
In its fourth Korean edition, Produce 101 will run a season titled "Produce X 101," creating what could be another successful boy group.
Welcome to the first movie in the second part of this MCU series. In the first part, we ranked all of the MCU movies. Now it is time to go back and rewatch them before ranking them again. The...
After 12 weeks of competition Produce 48 has finally found it’s debuting group, which will go by the name of IZONE. Get the full recap here.
The United States should take more pride in its championship USWNT and give them wages that reflect their status as role models to the entire world.
From genetics and neuroscience to the unspoken alliance of astrophysics and war, we give five great science books in 2018.
On Sunday, for the first time in Billboard Music Awards history, the show played host to a K-Pop boy group. BTS took home the coveted award for Top Social Artist and are embarking on their new World Tour later this year.
Hearthstone is about to get explosive, but with a scientific twist. The Boomsday Project is heading to the beloved card game, and it's going to be awesome.
When Alex Trebek announced in March that he had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, America was understandably devastated. Who could possibly take over?

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