Isla Sorna, Part 2. Familiar faces, new dinosaurs, a group of survivors need to trust eachother. However, there's one problem. It's name is Spinosaurus.
“COLOR*IZ” was the title of the debut mini-album for IZ*ONE, with “La Vie En Rose” standing in as the album's lead single.
The Times-Picayune will end after 182 years of coverage in the city of New Orleans. This changes the future of sports and news forever.
This could be one of the best E3's in a long time. So, what is the sure-fire, can't-fail game to watch for from each E3 conference? Let's take a look. 
A Hat in Time has gotten nowhere near the amount of attention it deserves. Let's take a proper look at that, and why you should be excited for it.
Dictionary Stories is a unique entry in the crowded literary landscape. What could have been a gimmicky collection of nonsense instead shines through as one of the most inventive, varied, and entertaining books to hit shelves in years.
With the release of the first trailer for X-Men: Dark Phoenix, the first impressions can give clues to the success of the movie.
How about some recognition to great animated films that weren't made by Disney or Pixar? We've got a list here for you! And you're not gonna agree with it!
Now that episode 4 of Produce 48 has wrapped up, the fate of 91 competitors lies in the hands of viewers. The final evaluation before the “first ranking” saw groups being split up to perform famous songs of the...
Yakuza Kiwami, Sonic Mania, Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice discussed. While Sean and Marc ponder the impact of Moviepass's price. Plus Gamescom 2017 coverage.

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