Community managers of the ARMS Reddit community bring to life the full extent that Nintendo can have in the fighting game community with ARMS.
Joker Origin Film: An in depth look at how the Joker became as iconic as he is, what makes him terrifying, and why an origin film could hurt the character.
Patient game development that adheres to the joy of the process let developers place precision inside of well-thought out mechanics.
Esports updates throughout August included revenue trajectories, creating functional risk, the Olympics, and organized, collegiate esports.
Could any subject immediately cause nerd rage quite like someone ranking all of the Star Wars movies? Only one way to find out.
The Nintendo Switch has bought Nintendo into the limelight with games such as Breath of the Wild. But, there are older games that would be great on Switch.
Listing the five actors or actresses that gave absolutely terrible performances that almost ruined great movies, starting with
Aminé Announces "Tour For You" Following up on his recent buzz as a 2017 XXL Freshman, Portland rapper Aminé has announced first-ever headlining tour. The tour is being promoted as the "Tour For You". This title is similar to the...
Five movies to watch this weekend if you’re skipping Star Wars The Last Jedi, don't like Star Wars, or simply forgot to buy tickets.
The microtransactions video game model is a practice and method which needs a long-term, sweeping, and micro analysis to understand the full implications.

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