From the day of its original publication in Germany in 2013, Timur Vermes’ ‘Look Who’s Back’ (translated from the original title: ‘Er ist wieder da’) was going to ruffle some feathers. The novel combined to hitherto seldom-explored literary genres for German authors: political satire and Adolf Hitler.
In a whirlwind week for gaming, Sean Garmer and Marc Morrison give their Nintendo Labo thoughts and also on what the new addition to Xbox Gamepass means. Plus, they talk Dragon Ball FighterZ, Monster Hunter World, and much more.
This game has released on almost every console since its debut on Xbox 360 in 2010. Now, it is finally on the Nintendo Switch. Sean Garmer has the Super Meat Boy Review.
Arabs in cinema: Stereotypes are nothing new in Hollywood. African-Americans, Native Americans, Asians, and countless other ethnic groups have all been victim to it. As race relations improved over the years, the frequency of these stereotypes began to decrease. However, there is still one that hasn’t.
Are the Oscars Overrated: Few events encapsulate an industry, and a city for that matter, quite like the Oscars ceremony. Its latest, 90th installment is to be held on the 4th March at the Kodak theatre, in Los Angeles, as per tradition. Inevitably, the ceremony will attract huge media hype.
Den of Thieves Review: Den of Thieves, helmed by first-time director Christian Gudegast and starring Gerard Butler, 50 Cent, Pablo Schreiber, and O’Shea Jackson Jr., is the latest L.A. crime drama hoping to make its mark.
Overwatch League Stage One Week Three: Juxtaposed to week one’s focus on the meta league shape, those who tuned into week two were granted with rich lessons in the game and case and points on how to play Overwatch.
Few literature genres divide opinion quite like sporting autobiographies. I believe that well-written sporting autobiographies can inspire people to do great things, and they often detail areas of sport that spectators seldom see, such as negotiations between agents and arranging transfers between teams.
Is Quantic Dream toxic? Some former workers seem to think so. While two betas released over the weekend. DISSIDIA: Final Fantasy NT and Dragon Ball Z FighterZ, which one was better? Plus, Sean talks Super Meat Boy on Switch too.
Whilst the general pattern of the coming of age novel has remained regular (protagonist, on the brink of adulthood must overcome social and personal obstacles, in doing so shedding the skin of their childhood self), the context in which they are written has undergone significant change in the last 100 years

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