Nintendo Breaks Records

Video Games 2 the MAX: Nintendo Breaks Records, Animaniacs Coming Back

Nintendo breaks records for fastest selling console in two countries. The Animaniacs are coming back on Hulu. Sean and Marc discuss this and more.

Overwatch Junkertown Update Review

Diving into the strategy of the Overwatch Junkertown update, this is a riveting update establishing new and diverse nuances in strategy.
Timur Vermes'

‘Look Who’s Back?’ – Timur Vermes’ Apt 21st Century Political Commentary

From the day of its original publication in Germany in 2013, Timur Vermes’ ‘Look Who’s Back’ (translated from the original title: ‘Er ist wieder da’) was going to ruffle some feathers. The novel combined to hitherto seldom-explored literary genres for German authors: political satire and Adolf Hitler.
collect sports memorabilia

Why do I Collect Sports Memorabilia? A Memoir

So where does one start after being away for so long? The card companies certainly didn’t stop production while I was gone; here is why I collect sports memorabilia.

Goalie Yoga; Allowing the Water to Become Still

Top athletes are turning to yoga routines tailored to their slots. Find out what some of the benefits of goalie specific yoga are from a Goalie Yoga Guru.

Frank Turner’s Songbook: Old Songs, New Sound

While recording his seventh studio album, Frank Turner has released Songbook, a compilation album looking back on his work over the last decade.

Games to Watch For: Red Dead Redemption II

Hey, remember when Red Dead Redemption came out in 2010 and proceeded to blow everyone's minds? Yeah, well now there's a sequel, and it arrives in 2018.

Video Game Development – Hidden Mechanics and the Process of Creativity

Patient game development that adheres to the joy of the process let developers place precision inside of well-thought out mechanics.
Shawn Mendes performs at Festival d'été de Québec.

Festival d’été de Québec: What You’re Missing out On

With a wide range of sights, sounds, and attractions for all ages, Festival d'été de Québec is the music festival destination of the summer.
Pokemon Switch Leak

Video Games 2 the MAX: Pokemon Switch Leak, Switch Cloud Games, Kingdom Hearts...

Possible E3 2018 news continues to infiltrate through the cracks. Sean Garmer and Marc Morrison discuss the Pokemon Switch Leak, Resident Evil 7 is the first of perhaps future Nintendo Switch Cloud games. Plus, new information on Kingdom Hearts 3 as well.