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Tag: Justice League

Visual Effects: How Much is too Much?

Visual Effects can take a movie to the next level. However, it is possible for a movie to have too many visual effects, cheapening the quality.

Waiting for Game of Thrones

Waiting for Game of Thrones: We’ve compiled the ultimate list of activities to engage in while you endure the Great Game of Thrones Drought of 2018.

Money Talks: The Hidden Reason Behind the Failure of Justice League

A new report suggests there may have been a hidden reason contributing to the failure of Justice League. One that is sure to cause outrage among fans.

Justice League: A Tale of Two Filmmakers

Justice League: What happens when two filmmakers, with fundamentally different styles and visions for the final product, work on the same film?

Melted Steel: Why the World Turned Their Back on Superman

When you think "superhero" you think Superman. What happened to the Man of Steel? Why don't people love him like they used to?