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Stop Re-Binging THE OFFICE and Watch SUPERSTORE

So now that you're all caught up on The Office for the ninth time on Netflix, how watching something new? Something like Superstore on NBC?

An Appreciation Of VERONICA MARS

Are you ready for more Veronica Mars? You know it! Thanks to Hulu, our favorite private investigator is returning for a whole new mystery!

IRON FIST Season Two Proves More Watchable Than Season One

The first season of Iron Fist, to many fans, was by far the least watchable of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Netflix series. The issues...

Center Stage: ALAN CHOW

Welcome to CENTER STAGE, where I interview individuals who work in the film industry. From actors to production assistants, from writers to the camera...

Who is America: Laugh, Cry, Cringe?

Sacha Baron Cohen's new SHOWtime prank show, Who is America, paints a disturbing and critical picture of America. But is it helping?

The Misery of Fandom, Part I

In an age run by the Internet, an issue as complex as the dark side of fandom needs to be examined. This is only the first part.

PRODUCE 48 Episode 10: Concept Evaluations

It’s the long stretch for the remaining 30 Produce 48 contestants. After the concept evaluation wrapped up this week, the remaining 20 who survive...


This is CENTER STAGE, where I interview individuals working in arts and entertainment. From actors to production assistants, from writers to camera operators, from...

PRODUCE 48 Episode 9: Preparation For Concept Evaluation

This article is part of an ongoing series covering MNet’s reality talent show, PRODUCE 48. Check out Jack's recap of last week's episode here!  In...

Netflix and Chill–The Vintage Way

DVD.com is the Netflix feature that millenials are missing out on, providing a larger breadth of media than is offered to those who stream Netflix online.