The Last Word: Weekly Pulse

Your Magazine Edition of LWOS Life; Must read content and what is driving the pulse of the community from the week that was


Will Shipping Kill the Sports Collecting Hobby?

Problems with shipping may kill the sports collecting hobby and is already changing how people approach collect, bringing the question, is the end because of an age-old practice?


Super Mario Odyssey (Nintendo Switch) Review

Super Mario Odyssey is absolutely the best 3D Mario game I have played, and potentially even the best 3D platformer I’ve played. Like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, it is absolutely a reason to purchase a Nintendo Switch, especially if you’re into 3D Mario games.

Overwatch League Stage One Week Four – Exquisite Excelsior

The Excelsior, Dynasty, and Fusion seek to continue dominating, but might the Boston Uprising have a revolt coming? Anything can happen in the Overwatch League Stage One Week Four of Battle.

Video Games 2 the MAX: Dragon Ball FighterZ, Nintendo Labo...

In a whirlwind week for gaming, Sean Garmer and Marc Morrison give their Nintendo Labo thoughts and also on what the new addition to Xbox Gamepass means. Plus, they talk Dragon Ball FighterZ, Monster Hunter World, and much more.


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