The Last Word: Weekly Pulse

Your Magazine Edition of LWOS Life; Must read content and what is driving the pulse of the community from the week that was


Four Greatest Sporting Autobiographies Ever Written

Few literature genres divide opinion quite like sporting autobiographies. I believe that well-written sporting autobiographies can inspire people to do great things, and they often detail areas of sport that spectators seldom see, such as negotiations between agents and arranging transfers between teams.


Overwatch League Stage One Week Three – Ultimate, Power, and Temptation

Overwatch League Stage One Week Three: Juxtaposed to week one’s focus on the meta league shape, those who tuned into week two were granted with rich lessons in the game and case and points on how to play Overwatch.

Video Games 2 the MAX: A Tale of Two Betas,...

Is Quantic Dream toxic? Some former workers seem to think so. While two betas released over the weekend. DISSIDIA: Final Fantasy NT and Dragon Ball Z FighterZ, which one was better? Plus, Sean talks Super Meat Boy on Switch too.

Overwatch League Stage One Week Two – Closing the Gap

Power Rankings, recap, and meta story lines for the Overwatch League Stage One Week Two. The London Spitfire take the headline this week after intense matches showed profound versatility.


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