Fajitas Grilled For Your Cinco de Mayo Feast

As the calendar hits May every year, it’s time to start thinking about your Cinco de Mayo menu. For fans of the cuisine south of the border, that means grilled fajitas. Grilled fajitas are easy and offer a lot of options for your dinner.
Ohtani's Superfractor

I Pulled Ohtani’s Superfractor, Now What?

      Last Wednesday, April 25th, 2018, Bowman baseball was released. Bowman has been a staple in baseball card collecting for several years now and...
God of War

Video Games 2 the MAX: God of War, Avengers Infinity War, Singleplayer Dying?

Two huge releases in two different mediums bookend things, as Sean and Marc discuss both God of War, and Avengers Infinity War. Plus, they question is Singleplayer Dying due to streaming? Or is that just a lot of fluff.

The Boston Red Sox: The Most Undervalued Team in Collecting

The Boston Red Sox seem to have a very bizarre problem: from a collecting standpoint, the Boston Red Sox have so many stars and breakout rookies that it is devaluing the cards and memorabilia of those players.

The Loss Of The Necco Wafer

In March 2018, the New England Confectionery Company announced that it would be shuttering its manufacturing plants in the near future unless a buyer came forward to save the plant. Although the company is best known for its Sweethearts Conversation Hearts, the much-debated Necco Wafer will be the most tragic loss.
Kingdom Hearts 3

Video Games 2 the MAX: Kingdom Hearts 3 Minigames, Old Games Rule, Persona...

Sean and Marc discuss final thoughts on Ni No Kuni 2 and Far Cry 5, as they anticipate the arrival of God of War. Plus, they talk some anime with Persona 5: The Animation, Dragon Ball Z, and did Square-Enix really just show off Kingdom Hearts 3 Minigames? Yes, they actually did.

Indirect Grilling Introduction And Righteous Ribs

It’s mid-April and time to start getting ready for the upcoming spring/summer grill season. With better weather approaching, you should take the time to...

Book Review: DICTIONARY STORIES by Jez Burrows

Dictionary Stories is a unique entry in the crowded literary landscape. What could have been a gimmicky collection of nonsense instead shines through as one of the most inventive, varied, and entertaining books to hit shelves in years.

Why You Should Take Up Disc Golf In 2018

Earlier this week, the National Collegiate Disc Golf Championship quietly kicked off in North Augusta, South Carolina. Disc golf is one of the most rapidly growing sports in the country with incredible upside. Here are a few reasons why you should pick up some plastic this spring.  

Why a Lack of Innovation in Card Collecting is Killing the Hobby

Innovation in Card Collecting: A lack of innovation and competition is the biggest problem for collectors of sports cards. It creates high prices and discourages new people from collecting. Card companies are not completely to blame.