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Rumor: Robert De Niro Eyed for Role in New Joker Movie

Director Todd Phillips and producer Martin Scorsese are reportedly eyeing none other than all-time great Robert DeNiro for the role in the Joker standalone

DEADPOOL 2 Movie Review

When Deadpool was released in February of 2016, it took cinema-goers by storm. It was a fun breath of fresh air for the superhero genre and showed studios than R-rated superhero films can work. Now the follow up, Deadpool 2, has been released and it has a lofty bar to meet. 

The Rock Versus Video Games

The Rock Versus Video Games: Last week, The Rock fought against the video game Rampage. What other video games could this unstoppable force of a man possibly defeat?

Top Ten Films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

In anticipation of Avengers Infinity War, it’s appropriate to look back and showcase the ten best films of the eighteen that brought us to this point. These are the top ten films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  

UNSANE Spoiler-Free Review

In 2017, it was revealed that Steven Soderbergh had secretly directed a film which he shot entirely on iPhones. A little over half a year later, we have Unsane, the second film by post-retirement Soderbergh and featuring the likes of Claire Foy, Jay Pharaoh, and Juno Temple.

READY PLAYER ONE Spoiler-Free Review

Ready Player One is an undoubtedly fun film that seems to capture many of Spielberg’s biggest strengths as a director. It is as ambitious as it is nostalgic and has plenty of heart to boot. The special effects alone are something to behold. Does it hold up with Spielberg's best work?

The Shape Of Water Wins Best Picture On An Oscars Night...

The Oscars are seen by many as the culmination of the film awards season, and in this respect, the 2018 ceremony did not disappoint....

Picking the Winners: 2018 Oscars

With the 90th Academy Awards less than two weeks away, speculation has grown rampant regarding who will be taking home the coveted Oscars. Tired...

The Counting Cards Gamble: 21 at 10

You may remember 21 (2008) as the movie that made all of your friends and their dads think they could take Vegas by storm counting cards. It's turning 10 this year, which makes now the perfect time to look back on the saga of Ben Campbell, card counter extraordinaire.

“Beirut” Trailer Perpetuates the Systematic Vilification of Arabs in Cinema

Arabs in cinema: Stereotypes are nothing new in Hollywood. African-Americans, Native Americans, Asians, and countless other ethnic groups have all been victim to it. As race relations improved over the years, the frequency of these stereotypes began to decrease. However, there is still one that hasn’t.