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Five Movies to Watch Instead of Star Wars The Last Jedi

Five movies to watch this weekend if you’re skipping Star Wars The Last Jedi, don't like Star Wars, or simply forgot to buy tickets.

Money Talks: The Hidden Reason Behind the Failure of Justice League

A new report suggests there may have been a hidden reason contributing to the failure of Justice League. One that is sure to cause outrage among fans.

Requiem for a Redshirt: Quentin Tarantino and Star Trek

Quentin Tarantino and Star Trek: The news recently dropped that Quentin Tarantino may be directing his own Star Trek movie.

Is Universal’s Dark Universe Already Dead?

In May, Universal announced the "Dark Universe", a shared universe of classic monsters. Six months later and the universe is nearly dead. What happened?

Five Up and Coming Directors to Watch

There are countless directors working in Hollywood currently, some more well-known than others. These are some of the best up and coming directors to watch.

Toronto International Film Festival 2017: Films To Look Out For

Every year, the Toronto International Film Festival showcases some of the most anticipated films of the coming months. Here are the best to look out for.

Anatomy of a Villain: Why a Joker Origin Film is a...

Joker Origin Film: An in depth look at how the Joker became as iconic as he is, what makes him terrifying, and why an origin film could hurt the character.

Five Actors That Almost Ruined Great Movies

Listing the five actors or actresses that gave absolutely terrible performances that almost ruined great movies, starting with

5 Movies That Deserve to Be Remade

We've already agreed, remakes are evil. They're the worst. But... maybe not always. Here are five bad movies that deserve to be remade.

Five Annoying Things Hollywood Needs to Stop Doing

I love movies. You love movies. Everyone loves movies. However, we don't love everything about movies. Here are five things Hollywood needs to stop doing.