Canadian motivational speaker, rapper, and father, D.O. Gibson, takes some time to talk about personal significance of Black History Month.
The 24th season of ABC's The Bachelor has kicked off, and one football analyst wonders about her obsession with the culture of the show.
30-year-old entrepreneur Bruce Swinden is looking to bring creative options to the high-end footwear industry and eager to find success while doing so.
For the holidays, we’re here to direct you wherever you need to go to ensure your season is indeed both merry and bright. Check out what's in store!
While social media is often used to share cool updates and photos with friends and family, more and more it's become an essential piece of the business marketing strategy. Someone who is very familiar with the importance of this...
Brewing with Kveik yeast is the hot new thing in brewing, and at the forefront are two strains. Let's take a dive into each.
Walking your dog is a mandatory part of every dog owner's daily routine, but nobody tells you about the people you're destined to meet along the way.
Dogs improve our lives for the better, but how do they change them? We humans experience five senses, and my dog Buttercup rocks every single one.
Buttercup is afraid of other dogs, so what's a first-time dog owner to do when it's time to take her to the vet for her first appointment?
The Apex Legends eSports tournament has been canceled by ABC and ESPN following backlash of violent video games after recent mass shooting incidents.

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