At one time, it looked like Cuphead would be stuck in development hell. But now that it's almost ready for release, gamers should be rejoicing. Here's why.
Justice League: What happens when two filmmakers, with fundamentally different styles and visions for the final product, work on the same film?
Community managers of the ARMS Reddit community bring to life the full extent that Nintendo can have in the fighting game community with ARMS.
Splatoon 2; Nintendo might want Splatoon 2 to become their proverbial esport title, but traditional quirks may paint this title onto the wall of niche.
It started off as a joke. Swilson was never supposed to be a rapper. He was supposed to be professional baseball player, John Williamson. Yet, here we are. Swilson: The John Williamson Story 1201 John Williamson’s newest album is entitled 1201. The number stands...
Youtube views are exploding. Until July 2015, only three videos had passed one billion views. Now, we are at 73 videos at that milestone, with a dozen more closing in on that landmark. The growing use of Youtube more...
Street Fighter V; EVO 2017 showcased the true direction of Street Fighter V, exposing the best and worst parts of a game predestined to evolve esports.
EVO 2017 Street Fighter V; EVO 2017 Street Fighter V came down to the methodological Tokido completing his personal chase for glory against the rising Punk.
Aminé Announces "Tour For You" Following up on his recent buzz as a 2017 XXL Freshman, Portland rapper Aminé has announced first-ever headlining tour. The tour is being promoted as the "Tour For You". This title is similar to the...
EVO 2017; Schedule and players are set, storylines are set to be discovered, and players are eager to be the next personality to revolutionize in EVO 2017.

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