Ranking the top 5 great games that everyone else seemed to hate, that I loved. Starting off with a movie video game that nobody remembers.
For the first time since July 14th, 2012, Gangnam Style will not be the most-viewed video on YouTube. The viral video from South Korean sensation Psy took the No. 1 spot from Justin Bieber's Baby over four-and-a-half years ago,...
For the third time since 2000, there's a Spider-Man reboot in theatres. How does Spider-Man: Homecoming match up? Spoiler free review!
Psych: The Movie comes out this winter, so why not travel back and revisit some of the best episodes of the USA hit. Which was the best? Wait for iiiiiiiiit
Anyone who has picked up any of the Telltale Games titles knows they're an absolutely blast. But which shows or brands should get their own game?
Very fewer horror franchises are as beloved as the Scream movies were. They blended horror with satire masterfully, but now they're gone, and here's why.
A controversial meme of a Dark Souls themed t-shirt has led to a full-blown analysis of everything the shirt says. So, was this shirt right in its claims?
Sometimes, a video game remake comes along with real love and effort put into it. So, which games truly deserve a good remastering? Let's take a look.
League of Legends Labor Union; Riot Games funding a League of Legends labor union is an implication of a boost in esports player negotiations and marketing.
We've already agreed, remakes are evil. They're the worst. But... maybe not always. Here are five bad movies that deserve to be remade.

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