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MORTAL ENGINES – YA Adaptations Cling to Life in This Final...

This month saw the release of the final trailer for Mortal Engines. What is the story? How does the film look? And why are people outraged?

HALLOWEEN Throughout the Years

Halloween 2018 has been met with a hugely positive reception and grossed over $90 million on its opening weekend. So what has been the appeal of Michael Myers after eleven films in 40 years?

Center Stage: ALAN CHOW

Welcome to CENTER STAGE, where I interview individuals who work in the film industry. From actors to production assistants, from writers to the camera...

Hashtag Oscars So Unpopular

The Oscars: How do you measure the popularity of a movie? Give it its own special Oscar! We take a look at the recent controversial Academy rulings.

Pride and Prejudice and Lipstick: How the Stigmas of Past Political...

Backlash surrounding Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been minimal, but Ocasio-Cortez has clearly taken notes from those women who proceeded her.

Top 10 Upcoming Films Of 2018

The year is halfway over, and there are still many upcoming films left to see. With major box office successes such as Black Panther,...

All About My Mother(land): A Spanish Identity Crisis?

Spanish Identity: Examining cultural identity using the films of Pedro Almodóvar, a director famous for challenging classic images of Spanish culture.

Jack Black Is The Polka King

Jack Black is The Polka King as he dances his way into the hearts of fans like he did in School of Rock except this time it's polka.

Are The Oscars Overrated?

Are the Oscars Overrated: Few events encapsulate an industry, and a city for that matter, quite like the Oscars ceremony. Its latest, 90th installment is to be held on the 4th March at the Kodak theatre, in Los Angeles, as per tradition. Inevitably, the ceremony will attract huge media hype.