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A Jurassic Review, Vol. 5: FALLEN KINGDOM

In this follow-up to the 2015 megahit Jurassic World, two groups with very different agendas attempt to rescue dinosaurs from a doomed island.

Center Stage: ALAN CHOW

Welcome to CENTER STAGE, where I interview individuals who work in the film industry. From actors to production assistants, from writers to the camera...

A Jurassic Review, Vol. 3: Jurassic Park 3

Isla Sorna, Part 2. Familiar faces, new dinosaurs, a group of survivors need to trust eachother. However, there's one problem. It's name is Spinosaurus.

The Misery of Fandom, Part I

In an age run by the Internet, an issue as complex as the dark side of fandom needs to be examined. This is only the first part.

A Jurassic Review, Vol. 2: The Lost World

A secret island filled with dinosaurs. One group wants to protect them, another group wants to exploit them for profit. Something more vicious awaits for both of them.

THE AMERICAN PRESIDENT is a Comforting Tonic in These Trying Times

'The American President' presents a romantic comedy through a political lense, but does it still work twenty-three years later?

Hashtag Oscars So Unpopular

The Oscars: How do you measure the popularity of a movie? Give it its own special Oscar! We take a look at the recent controversial Academy rulings.

Winnie the Pooh’s Wholesome Fun Deserves Recognition

I love Winnie the Pooh.  Always have, always will.  The deceptively simple character created over 90 years ago by A. A. Milne and, indeed, his...


This is a new series of articles called CENTER STAGE, where we interview individuals working in the film industry! First up, Tyler Patrick Jones!

THE DARK KNIGHT: A Ten-Year Retrospective

Let’s wind the clocks back a decade. George W. Bush was nearing the final months of his presidency, Beijing was preparing to host the Summer...