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Pokémon GO: Torchic Community Day and Upcoming Events

This summer has a lot planned for Pokémon GO. With Community Day and Pokémon GO Fest coming up, it's time to speculate of what might come up.

FFBE Evasion Unit Reprieve: Superlatives

FFBE Evade Units are some of the more useful characters in the game. Many players find creative ways to build them, so here are some creative superlatives.


In the latest Center Stage interview, we get to know Kendelle Chaimungkla, a Universal Studios performer and Twitch streamer! Read all about it here!

Top Ten Final Fantasy Games – Part II

Top Ten Final Fantasy Games: The Final Fantasy series is one of the most iconic set of video games of all time. This article ranks the top five games of the series.

Top Ten Final Fantasy Games – Part I

Top Ten Final Fantasy Games - Ten Through Six: Final Fantasy is one of the most storied game series ever. Get a spoiler-free ranking of the top games here!

Overwatch League 2019: Power Rankings

Season Two of the Overwatch League is about to begin. New rosters, new teams, and familiar faces: this will be a season you don't want to miss out on.

The Kingdom Hearts Saga: A Recap

Attention all Final Fantasy and Disney fans. The time has come. Rest your hearts, because this is big. Kingdom Hearts III has arrived. For over...

Best Video Games of 2018, Part 1

Thinking back to this time last year, I along with many others in the game industry wondered “how on earth is anything going to...

Best Video Games of 2018, Part 2

Last year was heralded as the Year of the Gamer. Find out which games made part two of the 20 best video games of 2018.

Franchise Hockey Manager 5 is the 2018 Hockey Gift that Could’ve...

With the holiday season in full swing, now is the time gamers, parents and the casual hockey viewers are looking for new and unique...