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League of Legends Champion Reveal: Neeko

She's a chameleon... human... thing? Anyways, she's awesome, colorful, playful and here to make some big plays. She blends in perfectly, too perfectly.

The Definitive Gamer’s Workout Guide

Gaming and exercise might seem polar opposites, but you can burn calories whilst enjoying ranked games in your favorite MOBA or shooter game.

Top 10 League of Legends Skin Lines

Cosmetic accessories are a must in PVP games. Here, we're taking a hot look at some of the best skin lines in League of Legends, and how they match up.

League of Legends Champion Roadmap Review: Angels, Explorers and New Designs

Next on deck for the Champion Update Team, Piltover's explorer gets help, a dual update for angelic sisters, and two new champs are in line for 2019

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius: Lost in a Sea of Blue

Hey Ryan, Everything was great, just rearranged some wording, moved some commas, and got rid of some double conjunctions!

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Enhancements: The Best Get Better

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Enhancements: There is always the risk that a player's favorite powerful unit becomes obsolte. Luckily, ehancements prevent that

Top 10 League of Legends Champions That Deserve a Rework

With over 130 champions to play, some League of Legends heroes are left to gather dust. Riot Games should assist these champions who deserve a rework.


Jurassic World Evolution: Live your childhood dreams, build your paradise, and run your own theme park filled with giant lizards.

From Troll to Top: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Units Who Shine...

Not all 5* Final Fantasy Brave Exvius units are created equal. Some are simply trolls. A few however, are lucky to find redemption through enhancements.

Resurrection of the Darkin Blade: Thoughts from an Aatrox Main

Once a noble god warrior, he soon became trapped within his own blade. Now, he wages war against all life on Runeterra. Aatrox craves nothing but oblivion.