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BTS Continues to Break Into the American Market

On Sunday, for the first time in Billboard Music Awards history, the show played host to a K-Pop boy group. BTS took home the coveted award for Top Social Artist and are embarking on their new World Tour later this year.

Donald Glover Is America’s New Greatest Artist

Donald Glover is one of the most trending celebrities across all facets of pop culture right now. Although Glover's rise to stardom is anything but new, his rash of recent successes has thrust the artistic renaissance man back into the gleam of the public eye.

K-Pop Roundup 5/1/2018: Lovelyz, SNUPER & More!

Last week saw a lot of new single releases in K-Pop and a few noteworthy mini-albums as well. Lovelyz, SNUPER, and more provided us with new music to discuss in this week's K-Pop Roundup!

Super Junior, VIXX, JBJ & More! K-Pop Roundup 4/22/18

With the month slowly quieting down in releases, this week was a pretty small one in K-Pop. The biggest releases came from Super Junior, VIXX, and JBJ, with small releases from other artists.

TWICE, EXO-CBX, UNB, & More! – K-Pop Roundup 4/14/18

4/14/18 K-Pop Roundup: This week continues what is shaping up to be an exciting month for K-Pop with new releases from TWICE, EXO-CBX, and many others.

BTS, EXID, PENTAGON, The Boyz & More Release Music In A...

This week kicked off what should be an extremely busy month for K-Pop. With comebacks from countless big groups, this month has a new release almost every single day. With that, it’s perfect timing to start my weekly K-Pop round up for LWOS Life.

Invisible Inc. Reunites With FINE PRINT

After a ten-year hiatus, the San Francisco-based group Invisible Inc. returns to action with "Fine Print." The 15-song, 45-minute album has been teased on social media over the course of the last few weeks and finally dropped in the wee hours on March 30, 2018 to the delight of fans.

Logic Announces “Bobby Tarantino II”

The Def Jam rapper Logic has announced his newest project, Bobby Tarantino II. This is a sequel to his Summer 2016 mixtape "Bobby Tarantino", and will be released on Friday.

Five Music Albums You Must Listen To Before You Turn 22

New Year’s resolutions can be pretty fun, and in my own personal quest for intellectual and spiritual fulfilment (if such a thing even exists), I think I have found the answer: discovering new music albums.

The Importance of Music in Video Games – Developing A Story...

Music in video games may not make a game excellent, but music develops the setting, builds emotion, and provides a tool to tell a story with no words.