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Super Mario Odyssey: Luigi’s Balloon World Mini Review

The new Super Mario Odyssey DLC, Luigi's Balloon World, was recently released. While the premise may not seem promising, the DLC manages to live up...

Super Mario Odyssey (Nintendo Switch) Review

Super Mario Odyssey is absolutely the best 3D Mario game I have played, and potentially even the best 3D platformer I’ve played. Like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, it is absolutely a reason to purchase a Nintendo Switch, especially if you’re into 3D Mario games.

Super Meat Boy Review (Nintendo Switch)

This game has released on almost every console since its debut on Xbox 360 in 2010. Now, it is finally on the Nintendo Switch. Sean Garmer has the Super Meat Boy Review.

Games You Should Be Playing: Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey might just be one of the best video games ever created. Needless to say, you should absolutely be playing it.

Stardew Valley Nintendo Switch Review

Stardew Valley Nintendo Switch Review: Stardew Valley on the Switch is the definitive version of the game, benefiting from the console's mobility.

Games You Should Be Playing: Golf Story

Golf Story is a unique little game that putted its way on to the indie gaming development scene in May of 2017. Here's why you should be playing it.

Sonic Forces for the Nintendo Switch is an embarrassment

Whilst Sonic Forces is acceptable on the PlayStation 4, Sonic Forces on the Nintendo Switch is full of problems that are unacceptable.

Games to Watch For: A Hat in Time

A Hat in Time has gotten nowhere near the amount of attention it deserves. Let's take a proper look at that, and why you should be excited for it.

Ten Games that the Nintendo Switch Needs Ported

The Nintendo Switch has bought Nintendo into the limelight with games such as Breath of the Wild. But, there are older games that would be great on Switch.

The Five Best 2D Sonic Games to give you the Sonic...

With the recent release of Sonic Mania, many people on sites such as Reddit have been asking which are the best 2D Sonic games...