This years edition of EA Sports NHL franchise will be key to the games future. Fan expectation is higher than ever, so what needs to be delivered in NHL 18?
Music in video games may not make a game excellent, but music develops the setting, builds emotion, and provides a tool to tell a story with no words.
Whilst Sonic Forces is acceptable on the PlayStation 4, Sonic Forces on the Nintendo Switch is full of problems that are unacceptable.
It's been over a decade since NFL 2k5 hit shelves, but it's still making waves. What could Madden games learn from this classic?
With the recent release of Sonic Mania, many people on sites such as Reddit have been asking which are the best 2D Sonic games to give them a pleasant introduction to the series. Here is the definitive list of...
Street Fighter V; EVO 2017 showcased the true direction of Street Fighter V, exposing the best and worst parts of a game predestined to evolve esports.
Community managers of the ARMS Reddit community bring to life the full extent that Nintendo can have in the fighting game community with ARMS.
Patient game development that adheres to the joy of the process let developers place precision inside of well-thought out mechanics.
Esports updates throughout August included revenue trajectories, creating functional risk, the Olympics, and organized, collegiate esports.
The Nintendo Switch has bought Nintendo into the limelight with games such as Breath of the Wild. But, there are older games that would be great on Switch.

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