EVO 2017; Schedule and players are set, storylines are set to be discovered, and players are eager to be the next personality to revolutionize in EVO 2017.
Smash Bros. Wii U; Salem's ludicrous comeback victory, featuring the first time a fighter has used Bayonetta to win a major, forcing a meta narrative shift. 
What really killed the PS Vita, Sony's prodigal son that never returned? It's a combination of things, so let's take a look. 
Overwatch franchise owners; Blizzard has announced the first seven owners for their Overwatch esports league, including Robert Kraft and Jeff Wilpon.
Ranking the top 5 great games that everyone else seemed to hate, that I loved. Starting off with a movie video game that nobody remembers.
Anyone who has picked up any of the Telltale Games titles knows they're an absolutely blast. But which shows or brands should get their own game?
A controversial meme of a Dark Souls themed t-shirt has led to a full-blown analysis of everything the shirt says. So, was this shirt right in its claims?
Sometimes, a video game remake comes along with real love and effort put into it. So, which games truly deserve a good remastering? Let's take a look.
League of Legends Labor Union; Riot Games funding a League of Legends labor union is an implication of a boost in esports player negotiations and marketing.
Everyone that has ever picked up a Madden video game or even a football knows about the Madden Curse. A spell that follows cover athletes. is it real?

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