The Final Fantasy Brave Exvius community was rocked during their latest Global Exclusive event that saw last minute changes and misplaced blame by Gumi.
FFBE Evade Units are some of the more useful characters in the game. Many players find creative ways to build them, so here are some creative superlatives.
In the latest Center Stage interview, we get to know Kendelle Chaimungkla, a Universal Studios performer and Twitch streamer! Read all about it here!
So long the Year of the Raven! Hello Year of the Dragon! Hearthstone's newest expansion, Rise of Shadows, is here to ring in the new year.
FFBE Evade Unit Rankings: Evasion is an element that is unique to Final Fantasy Brave Exvius ccompared to other games. Here are five of the best evade units
Sean loves Ape Out, Marc doesn't love Anthem, and Pokemon Sword and Shield are announced. All covered this week on the latest Video Games 2 the MAX.
Top Ten Final Fantasy Games: The Final Fantasy series is one of the most iconic set of video games of all time. This article ranks the top five games of the series.
Ultimate Nimbus, the first SoCal major this year, also had an additional prize for the Smash Ultimate Singles tournament: a ticket to the Ultimate Summit.
The popularity of Apex Legends came to the gaming community like a tornado: there were signs of the game's existence and then bam, it hit all at once. When Apex Legends was released, it had two million players. By the third day, 10 million, and by the end of its first week, 25 million players were active.
Top Ten Final Fantasy Games - Ten Through Six: Final Fantasy is one of the most storied game series ever. Get a spoiler-free ranking of the top games here!

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