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The Nightmare of Taking a Cup of Coffee Late at Night

A cup of coffee late at night might seem tempting, but what are the consequences? Here's a story on why sleep and coffee don't mix well.
Ravens Brewing

B.C. Beer Reviews with Nic Hendrickson: Ravens Brewing – Oldhand Coffee IPA

There are two times of the day: time for coffee and time for beer. The Oldhand Coffee IPA that Oldhand Coffee and Ravens Brewing...

B.C Beer Reviews with Nic Hendrickson: Tofino Brewing – Dawn Patrol Coffee Porter

In this edition of B.C. Beer Reviews we are taking a look at a Vancouver Island brewery, Tofino Brewing. They have come out with...

GRAMMY Nominations 2022 – The 64th Annual GRAMMY’s

Below listed are the GRAMMY Nominations 2022. These are the complete and straightforward list for the GRAMMY's Nomination for the year 2022. These are...

Barista Abroad: Three Tips For the Best Cuppa

Before becoming a globe-trotting Digital Nomad, I was a trained barista. While I loved learning the science behind a perfect cuppa, honestly it made...
Methods of tackling worries

Is Your Daily Routine Allowing You To Tackle Worries Effectively?

You know that you're able to tackle worries effectively when your routine is serving you (and not hindering you): when you're able to cope...
Benefits of Drinking Water

The Benefits of Drinking More Water

We are all aware of the importance and benefits of water. It surrounds us; it fuels our ecosystems; it gives life and our bodies...

Essential Aesop Rock Lyrics From Each Album

With a career dating back 20 years, Aesop Rock is particularly notable as the rapper with the largest vocabulary. The underground rap king and Blockhead are working together...

Man Eats: Top 8 Healthiest Foods for Males

Health science is constantly updating and changing, however one thing that never changes is that you must eat well to feel well. The following...

2020 NFL Season Begins, Ready To Grill?

The 2020 NFL Season begins as our country battles the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, so the upcoming football season is a welcome relief to many.

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