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Christian Bale Shines as Dick Cheney in Vice

While Vice definitely has its faults, Christian Bale shines as Former Vice President Dick Cheney and makes this comedy-drama by Adam McKay worth watching.

Alfonso Cuarón’s Roma Premieres on Netflix

It's hard to argue that Roma isn't a good movie, but the lack of character development and the slow-moving pace leave room for improvement. 


Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald felt too involved in the Harry Potter realm and tried too hard to incorporate all the new characters.

Eric Kandel On Unusual Brains and What They Tell Us

In August 2018, neuroscientist Eric Kandel released The Disordered Mind: What Unusual Brains Tells Us About Ourselves, and we're here to review it. Eric Kandel On...

Album Review: Piano & a Microphone 1983

Prince had a stellar career. Whether it was cranking out songs from Purple Rain or playing his guitar, this album offers a new look at the artist.

An Ideal Husband: Stratford’s Answer to the #MeToo Movement

'An Ideal Husband' presents a story of men hiding their past, but how does that hold up in the #MeToo era? Stratford Shakespeare Festival explores.

THE AMERICAN PRESIDENT is a Comforting Tonic in These Trying Times

'The American President' presents a romantic comedy through a political lense, but does it still work twenty-three years later?

INCREDIBLES 2: Incredibly Entertaining 

Incredibles 2 premiered in theaters this past weekend. The wait for the highly anticipated sequel to The Incredibles (2004) was long but definitely worth it.

DEADPOOL 2 Movie Review

When Deadpool was released in February of 2016, it took cinema-goers by storm. It was a fun breath of fresh air for the superhero genre and showed studios than R-rated superhero films can work. Now the follow up, Deadpool 2, has been released and it has a lofty bar to meet. 

FAHRENHEIT 451 Movie Review

Fahrenheit 451 premiered last night on HBO and the channel’s streaming services, HBO Go and HBO Now, to a tepid response. What went wrong, what went right, and why isn’t it a pleasure to burn with this adaptation?