Sean and Marc discuss Game sales figures, Disney buying Fox TV and film properties. Plus, Marc talks about his time with Okami HD, and more.
Nintendo faces big problems with the Joycon drift issue. Sean and Marc discuss that situation, plus they talk Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, SDCC, and more.
Summer Game Fest and Assassin's Creed Valhalla get reveals. While Sean, Marc, and Jens talk Snowrunner, Final Fantasy VII Remake, and the best AC games too.
Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is ruled by rainbow 5* base units. But there was a time when 3* base units were still useful. Here are some of them in action.
It's time to talk some big releases in Far Cry 5 and Ni No Kuni 2. While also discussing the Dragon Quest XI release date, television shows coming soon, and even current shows like Roseanne and Silicon Valley too.
This year at E3 we got another look at some new content in Kingdom Hearts III. The trailers may have been short, but they were packed with new clips of gameplay and other crucial details. Here's everything significant that...
FFBE Evade Units are some of the more useful characters in the game. Many players find creative ways to build them, so here are some creative superlatives.
August Overwatch League updates resurrected concerns for the league, but also delivered the succinct harmony on other inceptual league concepts.
Everyone that has ever picked up a Madden video game or even a football knows about the Madden Curse. A spell that follows cover athletes. is it real?
In a week of game announcements and old series returning, also comes the sad news that Toys R Us is closing all of their stores in several regions. Sean and Marc give some out some TRU memories. While also talking Yakuza 6, and the Game Informer 300 too.

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