After weeks of preliminary Top 10's and last chance rankings, it is finally time to actually rank the Top 100 games of the 2010s. For this episode, Sean Garmer, Marc Morrison, and Jens Dietrich deliberate over the next 26 games...
This years edition of EA Sports NHL franchise will be key to the games future. Fan expectation is higher than ever, so what needs to be delivered in NHL 18?
As Call of Duty: Modern Warfare nears the end of its season two, they decided to release a new multiplayer map. Khandor Hideout is a 6v6 map for all the common modes. This map is a smaller and more...
With the second year anniversary of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius’s release coming this Friday, it’s time to look back at some of the best moments in the game.
Community managers of the ARMS Reddit community bring to life the full extent that Nintendo can have in the fighting game community with ARMS.
WWE 2K Battlegrounds received an announcement, Sean finished Final Fantasy VII Remake, Marc played Starcraft Ghost and discussing overrated consoles too.
Controversy may be the theme for this week in gaming with the Pokemon Expansion Pass news and Xbox Series X having cross-gen exclusives causing a stir.
The 2017 Game Awards happened, Sean and Marc give their thoughts on the winners, the surprises, and more. Sean talks Xenoblade Chronicles 2 as well.
The Nintendo Switch has bought Nintendo into the limelight with games such as Breath of the Wild. But, there are older games that would be great on Switch.
Cloud Strife is one of the most iconic protagonists in the entire video game world. Here are five of his most memorable moments across various games.

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