Every year, the Toronto International Film Festival showcases some of the most anticipated films of the coming months. Here are the best to look out for.
Overlord tells the story of WWII soldiers fighting Nazi zombies but can it really be that awesome?
The Long Shot is a new comedy that blends politics with sex and drugs, but is that cocktail strong enough to attract an audience?
Toy Story 4 is the latest sequel in a beloved series with many great sequels, but what are the best-made sequels of all time?
I love Winnie the Pooh.  Always have, always will.  The deceptively simple character created over 90 years ago by A. A. Milne and, indeed, his friends in the Hundred Acre Wood have been a part of my life longer than...
The Oscars are seen by many as the culmination of the film awards season, and in this respect, the 2018 ceremony did not disappoint. The annual ceremony, held at the Kodak theatre in Los Angeles, brought with it the...
Toy Story 4 reunites audiences with Woody, Buzz, and the gang, but with as the fourth entry in an iconic trilogy, can this film recapture the magic?
Could any subject immediately cause nerd rage quite like someone ranking all of the Star Wars movies? Only one way to find out.
When it comes to superheroes, nobody is more popular than Batman. But of all his cinematic adventures, which one is the best?
The Last Jedi Box Office: if Disney is looking at The Last Jedi as a failure, it could have lasting ramifications for the entire Star Wars franchise.

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