Serenity, starring Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, and Diane Lane presents a high concept noir thriller with a twist that shatters reality.
Overlord tells the story of WWII soldiers fighting Nazi zombies but can it really be that awesome?
Take a moment and pour one out for some of the best movies and performances that didn’t get the love from the Oscars that they were due this year.
Welcome to the first movie in the second part of this MCU series. In the first part, we ranked all of the MCU movies. Now it is time to go back and rewatch them before ranking them again. The...
Thanks to mind-blowing effects, copious worldbuilding and a star-studded cast, Alita: Battle Angel is a film that deserves your undivided attention.
With the Harry Potter movies coming to Netlix, we look back on the film that started it all, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone!
LucasFilm recently announced an indefinite hiatus for all Star Wars Story spin offs after the recent box-office failure that was Solo.
Who'd have thought that two documentaries about the dreaded Fyre Festival would come out in the same week? Let's do a comparison to see which is best!
How do you solve a problem like Suspiria? It is not an easy question to answer. The 1977 classic horror film has perplexed, intrigued, frustrated, amazed, and indeed, frightened people for 41 years. Dario Argento's masterpiece dares you to...
There's no denying that Happy Death Day 2U is little more than a more comedic version of its predecessor. There's also no denying that this film should be anything more than what it's aiming to be: Fun.

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