When Deadpool was released in February of 2016, it took cinema-goers by storm. It was a fun breath of fresh air for the superhero genre and showed studios than R-rated superhero films can work. Now the follow up, Deadpool 2, has been released and it has a lofty bar to meet. 
On Sunday, for the first time in Billboard Music Awards history, the show played host to a K-Pop boy group. BTS took home the coveted award for Top Social Artist and are embarking on their new World Tour later this year.
Fahrenheit 451 premiered last night on HBO and the channel’s streaming services, HBO Go and HBO Now, to a tepid response. What went wrong, what went right, and why isn’t it a pleasure to burn with this adaptation?
Doug Benson, a 53-year-old comic from San Diego, has stayed relevant in the past decade through his many podcasts, which tackle movies, food, marijuana, and hanging out with his friends.
E3 2018 is about a month away and already leaks have started seeping through to the public. Sean and Marc discuss them and if they could actually happen. Including the possibility of a Star Fox Grand Prix. Plus, the Nintendo Switch Online service is revealed, and more.
It was recently announced that Adult Swim's wildly popular show Rick and Morty received a whopping 70-episode order from the network. Given the current situation surrounding the show, this is a bad look for Adult Swim.
Historical Fiction is one of the most underrated genres of literature that exists. It revolves around weaving complex stories about real historical events and individuals. Here are five historical fiction authors everyone should read
Donald Glover is one of the most trending celebrities across all facets of pop culture right now. Although Glover's rise to stardom is anything but new, his rash of recent successes has thrust the artistic renaissance man back into the gleam of the public eye.
Rayman Legends is a relaxed platformer that's easy for casual gamers, and relaxing for more experienced players. You won't find a challenge in this game, but you will find a limitless amount of joy.
We have officially left the month of May, and that means the hectic month of K-Pop releases is finally over. This month is a bit of a slower month, with not many upcoming projects from the top groups.

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