Sport psychology and eSports are two quickly growing fields that could each form a strong partnership with each other in the coming years.
Nintendo faces big problems with the Joycon drift issue. Sean and Marc discuss that situation, plus they talk Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, SDCC, and more.
We are back with yet another edition of the MCU rewatching and analyzing series. Today's movie is the highly rated Captain America: The Winter Soldier.
From athlete to writer, to entertainer, Genki Sudo has undergone numerous reinventions that have made him quite the renaissance man. Let's look at them.
Not every player has a use for their limited-time unit's STMR. Here are some Non-limited STMRs worth using the STMR moogle on.
FFBE players are finally getting the opportunity to obtain the long-awaited STMR Moogle! Here are some of the best limited-time units to use it on!
The top K-pop rock band DAY6 came back in July with the EP "The Book of Us: Gravity." The single "Time of Our Life" and other songs are worth dissecting.
We return to our MCU series where we rewatch then analyze every MCU movie. Today we are analyzing Thor: The Dark World and everything that comes with it.
One era of cable television is closing while another begins, as USA Network's newest show, Pearson, arises from the legacy of its predecessor, Suits, which is coming into its final season.
Cameron Boyce quietly put together a decade of premier work that just touches the surface of how talented and passionate he was. 

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