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Netflix and Chill–The Vintage Way

DVD.com is the Netflix feature that millenials are missing out on, providing a larger breadth of media than is offered to those who stream Netflix online.

LUKE CAGE Season Two Shines, Corrects Weaknesses From Season One

Luke Cage Season Two Review: The following review contains Luke Cage season two spoilers. I hope to do an in-depth review later on that will have major...

Jack Black Is The Polka King

Jack Black is The Polka King as he dances his way into the hearts of fans like he did in School of Rock except this time it's polka.

Video Games 2 the MAX: God of War, Avengers Infinity War,...

Two huge releases in two different mediums bookend things, as Sean and Marc discuss both God of War, and Avengers Infinity War. Plus, they question is Singleplayer Dying due to streaming? Or is that just a lot of fluff.

Avoiding the [March] Madness: Television Edition

March has arrived in full swing. For some folks, this means spending the next month watching the nation's top college basketball programs tussle in The Big Dance. For the rest of the country, there has to be something else on TV, right? Here's our guide to avoiding March Madness and staying entertained this month.